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All About CircuitsDec 10, 2021

The 2021 RISC-V Summit Charts the Wildfire Expansion of Open-source Hardware

With this year’s RISC-V Summit officially concluded, open-source processors are being adopted faster than ever. Membership in RISC-V International has grown by 130% in 2021 alone—and individual contributors have enthusiastically chipped in. What has the electrical-engineering community achieved throughout the past 12 months with RISC-V? 

CNX SoftwareDec 10, 2021

SiFive Essential 6-Series RISC-V processors target Linux, real-time applications

SiFive has been busy. Just a few days after the SiFive Performance P650 announcement, the company has announced the SiFive Essential 6-Series RISC-V processor family starting with four 64-bit/32-bit real-time core, and two Linux capable application cores, plus the SiFive 21G3 release with various improvements to existing families.

SiFiveDec 6, 2021

SiFive Expands and Improves Industry-Leading RISC-V Processor Portfolio

The SiFive 21G3 Release introduces the new SiFive Essential 6-Series range of RISC-V processors for area-focused computing applications


RISC-V InternationalDec 6, 2021

Next generation music AI engine available for RISC-V

Helios is an advanced patent-protected AI music recommendation engine that can be used to search commercial music catalogues using music itself as the search key. Applications are wide ranging, such as production studios seeking synchronization licenses from record labels, streaming services, online music stores, and much more. The engine’s debut on RISC-V opens a goldmine of new commercial opportunities in the embedded space for digital jukeboxes, IoT, in-flight entertainment, and luxury vehicles to name a few.

Tom's HardwareDec 3, 2021

SiFive Announces Latest RISC-V CPU, The P650

San Francisco-based fabless semiconductor provider SiFive today announced a new processor it describes as “the fastest licensable RISC-V processor IP core in the market”. The SiFive Performance P650.

SiFiveDec 2, 2021

SiFive Raises RISC-V performance bar with New Best-in-Class SiFive Performance P650 Processor

The SiFive Performance P650 processor is expected to be the fastest licensable RISC-V processor IP core in the market, bringing RISC-V into new markets and applications, and will debut to lead partners in Q1 2022.


HardwareLuxxNov 13, 2021

FADU's PCIe 5.0 SSD controller uses S5 cores from SiFive

The South Korean chip startup FADU has announced its new generation of SSD controllers, the FC5161.If the South Koreans have their way, this will be one of the fastest for PCIe 5.0 SSDs, primarily in the data center area.The FADU FC5161 is to connect the storage via four PCIe 5.0 lanes, speaks NVMe 1.4+ and OCP Cloud Spec 2.0. [GER]

Military & Aerospace ElectronicsNov 4, 2021

Safety-critical real-time operating system (RTOS) for RISC-V microprocessors introduced by Green Hills

The INTEGRITY for RISC-V RTOS is integrated with RISC-V processor solutions including hardware reference boards from Microchip and SiFive, along with processor intellectual property (IP) from SiFive, a RISC-V IP provider.

Electronics WeeklyOct 26, 2021

Sneak peek into SiFive’s most powerful RISC-V yet

SiFive has briefly pulled back the curtains on its most powerful Risc-V processor yet. So far only called ‘Next Generation Core’ or Next-Gen, its official name, final design specs and availability will be unveiled early in December at the Risc-V Summit.

HardwareLuxxOct 1, 2021

A look into the future? SiFive HiFive Unmatched viewed

X86 designs have dominated for years, but not only the power niche of IBM or the up-and-coming arm competition are putting pressure on the established microprocessor architecture. The open instruction set architecture (ISA) RISC-V could play an increasingly important role in many areas in the future. On the basis of the SiFive HiFive Unmatched, we want to take a closer look at this topic. [GER]

Tom's HardwareJul 22, 2021

World's First Desktop PC RISC-V Board Meets AMD Radeon RX 6700 XT

When SiFive introduced its HiFive Unmatched RISC-V desktop motherboard for developers last year, it was clear from the start that sooner or later an enthusiast would attempt to try using its U7 SoC for something it is not meant for: general PC usage with high-performance graphics and video decoding. That time has come as an enthusiast has managed to make AMD's Radeon RX 6700 XT work with a RISC-V SoC under Linux. 

SiFiveJun 22, 2021

SiFive Performance P550 Core Sets New Standard as Highest Performance RISC-V Processor IP

New SiFive Performance Family of application processors offers best in class performance, area, and efficiency for a wide variety of markets


ArsTechnicaJun 22, 2021

SiFive’s brand-new P550 is one of the world’s fastest RISC-V CPUs

Today, RISC-V CPU design company SiFive launched a new processor family with two core designs: P270 (a Linux-capable CPU with full support for RISC-V's vector extension 1.0 release candidate) and P550 (the highest-performing RISC-V CPU to date).

CRNJun 16, 2021

The 10 Hottest Semiconductor Startups of 2021

These startups are taking on semiconductor heavyweights like Intel and Nvidia with new kinds of silicon solutions for compute, storage and networking, many of which are headed for the data center. SiFive is providing an open-source alternative to Arm’s CPU design business with core designs and custom silicon solutions for AI, high-performance computing and other growing markets based on the open and free RISC-V instruction set architecture.

SEGGERMay 27, 2021

SEGGER’s emRun Runtime Library Licensed by SiFive for Superior Code Size and Performance Improvements

The SEGGER emRun runtime library is available as part of the recently announced SiFive 21G1 release. SiFive’s focus on toolchain and library support enables key market requirements, including reduced code size and lower memory footprints. To support this goal, SiFive has licensed emRun as part of the SiFive Freedom Tools and Freedom-E-SDK packages. This integration enables chip designers to easily achieve optimum performance, while reducing code size by up to 25%.

LiliputingMay 21, 2021

HiFive Unmatched RISC-V computer board is now shipping

At first glance, the HiFive Unmatched from SiFive looks like just another mini ITX computer motherboard. But rather than an x86 chip, this system is powered by RISC-V processor. First introduced last fall, the board is aimed at developers rather than the general public, and with a $665 price tag, it’s a lot more expensive than some other RISC-V development boards. But the HiFive Unmatched is also one of the most powerful products in this emerging category to date, thanks to SiFive’s FU740 processor.

Dialog SemiconductorMay 11, 2021

Dialog Semiconductor Selected as SiFive Preferred Power Management Partner for RISC-V Development Platforms

Dialog is the preferred power management partner for the SiFive HiFive Unmatched PC form-factor RISC-V Linux Development Platform, featuring the SiFive Freedom U740 RISC-V SoC.

The Linley Group Microprocessor ReportMay 11, 2021

SiFive 21G1 Update Boosts Hash Rates

SiFive’s intellectual-property (IP) portfolio is getting smarter thanks to its “Intelligence” platform and 21G1 release. At the recent Linley Spring Processor Conference, the company announced a new AI platform that uses the Intelligence extensions to reduce convolution-processing time by 4x compared with a standard RISC-V vector implementation. A few weeks earlier, it announced the 21G1 update, which increases SHA-256 hash rates by 35%, among other instruction-set and architectural improvements.
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PhoronixMay 6, 2021

A Number Of Exciting RISC-V Improvements For Linux 5.13

From bringing up the PolarFire ICICLE SoC to adding support for KProbes, FORTIFY_SOURCE, and other new kernel features for the RISC-V architecture, the Linux 5.13 kernel changes are exciting for this open-source processor ISA.

SiFiveApr 29, 2021

SiFive and Samsung Foundry Extend Partnership to Accelerate AI SoC Development

Configurable SiFive RISC-V AI SoC Development Platform is built on 14nm Samsung process technology to accelerate custom Machine Learning solutions


SiFiveApr 22, 2021

Tenstorrent Selects SiFive Intelligence X280 for Next-Generation AI Processors

SiFive Intelligence IP integral component of future Tenstorrent AI architectures


SiFiveApr 21, 2021

Renesas and SiFive Partner to Jointly-Develop Next-Generation High-End RISC-V Solutions for Automotive Applications

SiFive to License Industry-Leading RISC-V Core IP Portfolio to Renesas


SiFiveApr 8, 2021

SiFive Intelligence for Modern ML Architectures Presentation at Linley Spring Processor Conference

Leading provider of RISC-V processor IP to share details of new initiatives for AI-enabled markets


SiFiveMar 31, 2021

SiFive and DARPA collaborate to bring the power of RISC-V to Technology Innovation

Licensing agreement provides access to a broad portfolio of IP from the inventors of RISC-V


SiFiveMar 18, 2021

SiFive and ArchiTek Enable Secure, Private, Flexible Edge AI Computing With AiOnIc® Processor

New Edge AI processor accelerates key workloads while offering flexibility for changing AI needs


AWS IoTFeb 25, 2021

AWS IoT at Embedded World 2021 DIGITAL Features SiFive HiFive Unmatched

Building a successful IoT solution depends on the tens of billions of devices that sit at the edge, in our homes and offices, in factories, in oil and agricultural fields, in planes and ships, in automobiles — everywhere. Quickly start building with solutions for cross-industry edge applications using the SiFive HiFive Unmatched developer board, as featured in the demonstrations.
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Wanxiang Blockchain on MediumFeb 23, 2021

Wanxiang Blockchain Forms RISC-V International Blockchain SIG with SiFive & Others

At MWC Shanghai, Wanxiang Blockchain and announced they joined RISC-V International as strategic members and have formed RISC-V International’s new Blockchain SIG (special interest group) in collaboration with LeapFive, StarFive and SiFive. This group will help integrate blockchain technologies with RISC-V solutions, and promote the development of trusted blockchain databases. “The adoption of RISC-V to develop blockchain technologies, and the use of RISC-V International working groups to encourage broad industry collaboration, demonstrates the power and flexibility of the freely available and open specification ISA,” said Dr. Chris Lattner, President of Engineering and Product, SiFive.

aicasFeb 18, 2021

aicas and SiFive Bridge Flexibility and Performance with RISC-V, JamaicaVM Integration

Together with Amazon Web Services (AWS), SiFive and aicas will deliver a virtual demonstration of the solution during embedded world 2021 DIGITAL, March 1-5, 2021. See aicas events online for details about the demo of AWS IoT Greengrass 2.0 running on a SiFive RISC-V unmatched board and go to aicas’ virtual exhibition stand and claim a voucher for a free ticket to attend the virtual event

eTopusFeb 10, 2021

eTopus Technology Announces Innovative SerDes Technology for Data Center, Cloud, Edge, and 5G Base Stations

Danfeng Xu, co-founder & VP of analog design, will present the paper titled “A Scalable Adaptive ADC/DSP-Based 1.25-to-56Gbps/112Gbps High-Speed Transceiver Architecture Using Decision-Directed MMSE CDR in 16nm and 7nm” in the 2021 International Solid-State Circuits Virtual Conference Ultra-High-Speed Wireline session beginning on Tuesday, February 16th, 2021. The eTopus high-speed transceiver architecture supports a wide range of data rates for multiple standards, such as Ethernet, OIF CEI-112G, PCI-SIG® PCIe® Gen 1 through 6, and insertion loss from few to above 35dB. eTopus has selected SiFive E2-Series RISC-V Core IP to power the receiver DSP control functions.

PRTimes (JP)Feb 8, 2021

ArchiTek announces "AiOnIc" AI processor for edge computing using "aIPE" architecture combined with SiFive RISC-V processor cores

ArchiTek announces "AiOnIc" proof-of-concept chip equipped with its own "aIPE" (ArchiTek Intelligence® Pixel Engine) architecture and featuring SiFive RISC-V Processor cores. The chip aims to be the de facto edge AI processor through offering fanless operation in a small size and low power consumption, using a 12nm process. Highly efficient hardware processing makes it ideal for embedded systems such as IoT. In addition, a cooling fan is not required, and a waterproof and dustproof system can be constructed in a closed housing.
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BusinessWireJan 13, 2021

BeagleV™ single-board computer features SiFive 7-Series Multicore RISC-V Processor IP

Seeed,, and StarFive are collaborating to produce an affordable, Linux-capable 64-bit multicore RISC-V single board computer at an affordable price, using SiFive U74-MC Core IP

SiFiveDec 8, 2020

SiFive Wins 3rd Consecutive Title of Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

RISC-V Leader Recognized by Global Semiconductor Alliance For Developing RISC-V-based IP Solutions to Solve Next-Generation Computing Challenges


Global Semiconductor AllianceDec 3, 2020

SiFive Wins 3rd Consecutive Global Semiconductor Alliance 'Most Respected Private Company' Award!

For over a quarter century, the GSA Awards have recognized the achievements of top performing semiconductor companies in several categories ranging from outstanding leadership to financial accomplishments, as well as overall respect within the industry.
Watch Award Presentation Here

SiFiveNov 19, 2020

BBC Learning and Tynker Collaborate on Coding for Kids with a Next-Generation Education Technology Mini-Computer

Featuring the voice and star of the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker, the HiFive Inventor is a powerful Internet of Things programmable computer designed to teach kids to code


SiFiveNov 18, 2020

Bouffalo Lab Standardizes on SiFive RISC-V Embedded CPU Core IP for New IoT Products

SiFive E2 Core IP Flexibility and Power-efficient Performance Enable Bouffalo Product differentiation


OpenFiveOct 5, 2020

OpenFive and AnalogX to Provide Optimized Chip-to-Chip Interface IP Solutions

OpenFive, the leading provider of customizable, silicon-focused solutions with differentiated IP, along with AnalogX, a provider of SerDes interface IP, today announced a complete sub-system solution and implementation for Chip-to-Chip (C2C) interface with ultra-low latency and power.

Level1Techs on YouTubeSep 24, 2020

RISC-V Business: Testing Gaming and More on the HiFive Unmatched from SiFive

Wendell Wilson of Level 1 Techs tests the SiFive HiFive Unmatched RISC-V developer board in this 13:50 video on YouTube.
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SiFiveSep 17, 2020

SiFive Appoints Patrick Little as President and Chief Executive Officer

Industry Veteran To Lead Mission To Develop RISC-V-based Platforms to Solve Next-Generation Computing Challenges


SiFiveSep 14, 2020

SiFive To Introduce New RISC-V Processor Architecture and RISC-V PC at Linley Fall Virtual Processor Conference

SiFive Founders and Inventors of RISC-V will deep dive new vector-based architecture, and debut new SoC for professional developers of RISC-V applications


SiFiveSep 3, 2020

SiFive and Barcelona Supercomputing Center Advance Industry Adoption of RISC-V Vector Extension

The new API adds critical capabilities to widely used compilers, GCC & LLVM


SiFiveAug 18, 2020

SiFive and Innovium Announce Collaboration to Accelerate Innovation in Data Center Networking

Innovium TERALYNX® products integrate SiFive RISC-V processor cores to increase lead in breakthrough switch silicon for Cloud and Edge data center networks


SiFiveAug 17, 2020

SiFive Announces OpenFive, an Industry-Leading Custom Silicon Business Unit

OpenFive is a solution-centric and processor agnostic custom silicon business unit dedicated to building optimized domain-specific SoCs


The RegisterAug 17, 2020

ISA-agnostic OpenFive unit will focus on custom SoCs while parent will crack on with CPU blueprints

RISC-V processor specialist SiFive will double down on improving its CPU cores after pushing its system-on-chip design efforts into a new unit.

SiFiveAug 11, 2020

SiFive Secures $61 Million in Series E Funding

Demand for Domain-Specific Architecture Drives Continued Investment in Processor Innovation


StarFive (China)Jul 27, 2020

H3C Creates Research Network Processor using U7-Series Core IP

The new development chip from H3C Semiconductor Technology is a dual-core design with 400G Ethernet interface built using TSMC 16nm FinFET Compact Technology (FFC) process technology, and was able to run at up to 3.2GHz.
Press Release

SiFiveJul 22, 2020

SiFive Elevates Custom SoC Design With Enhanced Processor IP Portfolio

The SiFive 20G1 release delivers up to 2.8x more performance(1); up to 25% lower power(2); and up to 11% smaller area(3), for designing next-generation SoCs


EETimesJun 28, 2020

SiFive named to EETimes 2020 'Silicon 100' List

The EETimes Silicon 100 is a place identify the building blocks for future wonders: the daring innovators, fervent visionaries, serial investors, and barrier-busting men and women who have collectively given the world inventions that were unimaginable barely 100 years ago.
Explore the Silicon 100 List at EETimes

IAR SystemsJun 24, 2020

IAR Systems delivers advanced trace for RISC-V based applications

Enhanced support for the SiFive Insight solution in IAR Embedded Workbench brings leading debug and trace capabilities to the RISC-V community
Learn more from IAR Systems

Embedded Computing DesignJun 24, 2020

Special COVID-19 Edition of Embedded Executive featuring SiFive CEO, Dr. Naveed Sherwani

Different vendors are doing different things to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of them are doing their part to help get us through this awful time. One of those is SiFive, a fabless semiconductor company specializing in the RISC-V instruction set architecture. Hear what they are doing to help society in this week’s Embedded Executives podcast.
Listen now with Embedded Computing Design

Green Hills SoftwareJun 2, 2020

Green Hills Software Adds Industry-Leading Advanced Software Development Tools Support for RISC-V

Green Hills Software, the worldwide leader in embedded safety and security, today announced the availability and early customer adoption of its advanced software development tools targeting 32- and 64-bit RISC-V processor architectures.
Learn more from Green Hills Software

SiFiveMay 19, 2020

SiFive Partners With Coherent Logix for Mission-Critical Processor Solutions

SiFive Core IP Enables Market-Leading Applications for Military and Aerospace Markets


SiFiveApr 30, 2020

SiFive Joins Open COVID Pledge to Fight Global Pandemic

The idea-to-silicon company pledges free SiFive E21 Standard Core for use in healthcare products


SiFiveApr 2, 2020

Leading Industry Veteran Joins SiFive as Chief Financial Officer

Tech industry veteran to lead financial operations and drive SiFive growth


SiFiveMar 31, 2020

SiFive to Present at Virtual Linley Spring Processor Conference

The idea-to-silicon company will be hosting two sessions during the online conference, in addition to serving as a Platinum sponsor.


SynopsysMar 25, 2020

SiFive Selects Synopsys Fusion Design Platform and Verification Continuum Platform to Enable Rapid SoC Design

SiFive, Inc. has selected Synopsys Fusion Design Platform™ and Verification Continuum® platform to enable rapid cloud-based design of next-generation customer silicon products.

SiFiveMar 17, 2020

SiFive Launches Advanced Trace and Debug Portfolio, SiFive Insight

The portfolio enables users to access, observe, and control processor development in real-time, accelerating silicon time-to-market


SiFiveJan 27, 2020

Former Google and Tesla Engineer Chris Lattner to Lead SiFive Platform

Distinguished Silicon Valley software engineer to bring increased customization and implementation tooling to SiFive SoC design methodology


TheRegisterJan 8, 2020

RISC-V business: SiFive and CEVA join forces to enable the development AI-amenable, edge-oriented processors

System-on-a-chip IP partnership seeks to create more smart home, automobile, robotics, IoT, and industrial applications, among others

SiFiveJan 7, 2020

SiFive and CEVA Partner to Bring Machine Learning Processors to Mainstream Markets

Joint silicon development through SiFive’s DesignShare Program combines IP and design strengths of both companies to develop Edge AI SoCs for a range of high-volume end markets including smart home, automotive, robotics, security, augmented reality, industrial and IoT


SiFiveDec 30, 2019

SiFive to Attend CES 2020

SiFive to deepen AI portfolio with strategic new disclosures at CES 2020, unleashing semiconductor product roadmaps for consumer and commercial SoCs


ServeTheHomeDec 14, 2019

Key Takeways from the 2019 RISC-V Summit

This week in San Jose, California I had the opportunity to join the 2019 RISC-V Summit. I wanted to do a short piece giving some thoughts on the summit itself while also covering a few of the big announcements from Western Digital, Microchip, and SiFive

Embedded Computing DesignDec 12, 2019

Brekker RISC-V TrekApp for Automated, High-Coverage System Integration Test Suite Synthesis

Breker Verification Systems, a provider of Test Suite Synthesis tools based on the Portable Stimulus Standard (PSS), introduced its RISC-V TrekApp

AnandtechDec 12, 2019

Samsung to use SiFive RISC-V Cores for SoCs, Automotive, 5G Applications

At the annual RISC-V Summit this week, Samsung disclosed the use SiFive’s RISC-V cores for upcoming chips for a variety of applications. The company is joining a growing list of leading high-tech companies that have adopted the RISC-V architecture

SiFiveDec 11, 2019

Lattice and SiFive Announce Collaboration to Allow Lattice FPGA Developers Easy Access to RISC-V Processors

Scalable Processor Core IP Running on Low Power, Small Form Factor FPGAs Could Power Millions of Smart Devices at the Edge


SiFiveDec 11, 2019

Industry Veteran Randy Allen Joins SiFive as Vice President of RISC-V Software

SiFive’s new hire brings unparalleled experience in vectorization


Embedded Computing DesignDec 11, 2019

Wind River Announces RISC-V Support for VxWorks RTOS

Wind River, a developer of software for the intelligent edge, announced RISC-V open architecture support for its VxWorks real-time operating system (RTOS)

VenturebeatDec 11, 2019

RISC-V grows globally as an alternative to Arm and it’s licensing fees

ARM is the most successful microprocessor architecture on the planet, with its licensees shipping billions of chips a year. But a rival has emerged in the past few years called RISC-V, a new kind of royalty-free architecture started by academics. Its proponents are holding an event in the heart of Silicon Valley to tout its growth

SiFiveDec 10, 2019

SiFive Announces New Technologies for Mission-Critical and AI Markets

New SiFive Apex cores for mission-critical markets and SiFive Intelligence cores for vector processing workloads create a comprehensive IP portfolio for high-growth markets


TheRegisterDec 10, 2019

RISC-V Xmas gifts: SiFive Emits Vector Enabled Cores

The RISC-V Summit kicks off in Silicon Valley today, and there were a few interesting announcements this morning

SiFiveDec 9, 2019

SiFive Retains Title of Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

RISC-V leader honored for second consecutive year for its hypergrowth, products and performance by Global Semiconductor Alliance


SiFiveDec 6, 2019

Tech Industry Heavyweight Joins SiFive - Manoj Gujral Tapped As SVP & GM of Silicon Business Unit

Tech Industry Veteran to Lead SiFive Silicon BU Growth and Execution


SiFiveDec 5, 2019

Another Leading Industry Veteran Joins SiFive As SVP of EX (Employee eXperience)

Mike Schroeder to Lead Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement to Guide SiFive's Hypergrowth


SiFiveDec 4, 2019

SiFive To Present New Technologies At RISC-V Summit 2019

Key new technologies for artificial intelligence, automotive, and industrial markets to be unveiled


SiFiveDec 3, 2019

SiFive Learn Inventor Development System Now AWS Qualified

SiFive RISC-V-based rapid design methodology enables fast development of IoT devices connected to AWS


SiFiveDec 2, 2019

SiFive Announces SiFive Learn Initiative

Innovative New SiFive Learn Inventor To Empower a New Generations of Makers and Engineers


SiFiveNov 26, 2019

SiFive Welcomes Ann Chin As SiFive IP Business Unit General Manager

Arm Veteran to Enable Next-Generation High-Performance Processor Development


SiFiveNov 21, 2019

SiFive Welcomes Stuart Ching As Chief Revenue Officer

Arm Veteran to Oversee and Drive Strategy for Continued Sales and Revenue Hypergrowth


SiFiveNov 18, 2019

ArchiTek Select SiFive and DTS-Insight To Enable Next-Generation AI Solution Development

Use of SiFive’s RISC-V Core IP Enables Low Power AI IoT Edge and End Point Devices


SiFiveNov 12, 2019

Aerendir Mobile Inc. and SiFive Inc. Collaborate to Accelerate the Adoption of AI-Enabled Processors

Use of SiFive’s RISC-V Core IP Enables Low Power AI IoT Edge and End Point Devices



GLOBALFOUNDRIES and SiFive to Deliver Next Level of High Bandwidth Memory on 12LP Platform for AI Applications

Next generation high bandwidth memory solution based on GF’s most advanced FinFET platform aims to deliver capacity, speed and power for cloud based AI Applications

SiFiveOct 23, 2019

SiFive Announces New SiFive Shield For Modern SoC Design

Linley Fall Processor Conference Presentation Details New SiFive IP For Secure SoC Designs


SiFiveOct 16, 2019

QuickLogic Teams with SiFive to Make eFPGA Technology Available via DesignShare Portfolio

Gives SoC designers an easy way to add post-manufacturing design flexibility Builds on previously announced strategic partnership and SoC template


SiFiveOct 6, 2019

SiFive to Host RISC-V Tech Symposium and Workshop in Cairo on October 12, 2019

Mentor Graphics, a Siemens business; EITESAL NGO; the American University in Cairo. and Efabless are co hosting the RISC-V symposium & workshop


SiFiveSep 30, 2019

SiFive Enables Embedded Vision With New DesignShare Partners

New Partnerships Add Key IP For Efficient Embedded Vision SoC Designs


SiFiveSep 24, 2019

SiFive Signs DTS INSIGHT as Official Distributor to Japan

DTS INSIGHT expands into Semiconductor Market with SiFive IP and tools


SiFiveSep 23, 2019

SiFive Announces Key Enablement Of Trace And Debug

World Leading RISC-V IP Portfolio with integrated Instruction Trace Encoder


SiFiveSep 19, 2019

Intensivate Engages SiFive’s RISC-V Expertise to Develop Leading Accelerator

Proven Expertise In Developing Custom Silicon Drives Datacenter Innovation


SiFiveSep 16, 2019

SiFive to Present at Linley Fall Processor Conference

SiFive Keynote and Presentation detail new technology for Intelligence and Security


SiFiveJul 1, 2019

SiFive Expands DesignShare IP Ecosystem to 20 Partner Companies

Signature third-party IP ecosystem allows low-cost, rapid prototyping and innovative IP licensing for AI, edge computing


SiFiveJun 18, 2019

SiFive Enhances Silicon Hills Operations with Office in Austin, Texas

Central Texas' Hill Country area populated by high-tech companies is joined by the latest office of the leader in RISC-V semiconductor IP design and development


ChipEstimateJun 18, 2019

Morse Micro Partners with SiFive to Host Tech Symposium on RISC-V in Sydney

Powerful and engaging one-day event fosters education and collaboration within the RISC-V ecosystem.

Qualcomm VenturesJun 7, 2019

Portfolio Watch: By Democratizing Custom Silicon, SiFive Is Igniting Global Innovation in the Semiconductor Industry and Beyond

What if anyone could afford to build customized chips? And what if it was as easy as pushing a button?

SiFiveJun 6, 2019

SiFive Celebrates Historic 100 Design Win Milestone

Compelling Portfolio and Strategic Partnerships Propel RISC-V Leader into Hypergrowth


SiFiveJun 6, 2019

SiFive Secures $65.4 Million In Series D Funding

RISC-V Leader's Global Hypergrowth Attracts Strong Venture Backing


The InformationJun 6, 2019

Qualcomm Backs Startup Taking On SoftBank-Owned Arm

An emerging open source chip design, called RISC-V, appears to be picking up steamin the tech industry, changing how companies make custom chips, and one of the technology’s leading startups is growing fast along with it

SiFiveJun 6, 2019

SiFive Celebrates Historic 100 Design Win Milestone

Compelling Portfolio and Strategic Partnerships Propel RISC-V Leader into Hypergrowth

SiFiveJun 3, 2019

Avatar Integrated Systems Partnership Strengthens SiFive Cloud-Based Design

LAS VEGAS, June 3, 2019 -- Design Automation Conference -- SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, design platforms, and custom SoC solutions, announced today a new partnership with Avatar Integrated Systems, a leader in next-generation physical design solutions. The partnership enables SiFive to use Avatar's physical design implementation tools within the SiFive cloud design environment.


SiFiveMay 14, 2019

PowerVR GPU and NNA available on SiFive platform

Imagination Technologies joins SiFive's DesignShare Ecosystem, Enabling RISC-V users to access industry-leading IP


SiFiveMay 8, 2019

Media Alert: SiFive Tech Symposiums on RISC-V Coming to Europe This Month

Powerful one-day events to be held in Cambridge, Grenoble, Stockholm, Moscow, Munich and Amsterdam


SiFiveMay 1, 2019

SiFive Expands into Silicon Forest With new Development Office in Beaverton, Oregon

Metropolitan Portland area has evolved into an international center of open source hardware development


SiFiveApr 25, 2019

SiFive Announces Strategic Partnership with QuickLogic and Launches SoC Templates for Rapid Chip Design

RISC-V pioneer and ultra-low power leader bring Freedom Aware SoC Templates to market


SiFiveApr 11, 2019

SiFive Tapes Out First in a Series of 7nm IP Enablement Platforms

Includes critical IP validation for HBM2E 3.2Gbps Interface, TCAM and more


SiFiveApr 10, 2019

SiFive Launches the World’s Smallest Commercial 64-bit Embedded Core

RISC-V Leader brings unmatched advanced 64-bit Core IP capability to embedded space


SiFiveApr 9, 2019

Synaptics Selects and Designs SiFive Custom E2 Series Core IP in Record Time

Human interface solutions leader uses SiFive Core Designer to configure embedded processor in two months


SiFiveApr 8, 2019

SiFive to Present at Leading IP, Processor Conferences

Executives to discuss new business models, optimizing RISC-V based processors and customizing architectures for AI implementations at Design and Reuse IP-SOC day and Linley Group events


SiFiveFeb 28, 2019

SiFive Welcomes Former Intel Capital VP to Executive Team

Hiren Majmudar joins RISC-V leader to head business development efforts


SiFiveFeb 12, 2019

SiFive to Host 50+ RISC-V Technology Symposia Throughout the World

Powerful and engaging events advance global knowledge about the RISC-V ISA and foster greater collaboration and opportunity within the open-source community


SiFiveDec 11, 2018

SiFive Recognized as Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

RISC-V leader honored for its products, growth and performance by Global Semiconductor Alliance


SiFiveDec 11, 2018

SiFive Recognized as Most Respected Private Semiconductor Company

RISC-V leader honored for its products, growth and performance by Global Semiconductor Alliance

SiFiveDec 4, 2018

IAR Systems and SiFive partner to meet customers' demands for professional solutions for RISC-V

Establish partnership for delivering increased possibilities for powerful RISC-V implementations


SiFiveDec 4, 2018

Industry's First RISC-V SoC FPGA Architecture Brings Real-Time to Linux, Giving Developers the Freedom to Innovate in Low-Power, Secure and Reliable Designs

Demonstrations at RISC-V Summit Dec. 4-5 to Show Size, Power and Performance Benefits of Integrating PolarFire SoC's Hard CPU Subsystem with Programmable Logic


SiFiveDec 4, 2018

SiFive Announces Multiple Technical Advances at RISC-V Summit

SiFive leads RISC-V ecosystem at inaugural summit with range of cores, RISC-V silicon, proof points, demonstrations, partnerships, talks and panels


RambusDec 3, 2018

Media Alert: Rambus to Demo CryptoManager Root of Trust at the RISC-V Summit in Santa Clara

At the RISC-V Summit, Rambus is demonstrating our programmable root of trust core that provides secure processing based on the RISC-V architecture and incorporating industry-leading hardware security and anti-tamper capabilities. The Rambus CryptoManager Root of Trust is designed for applications from networking to automotive to IoT.

SiFiveNov 26, 2018

PLDA Offers XpressRICH PCIe and CCIX Controller IP Through SiFive DesignShare Program

Latest contribution to ecosystem enables connectivity solutions for storage, networking, artificial intelligence, accelerators and high-performance computing applications


SiFiveNov 16, 2018

SiFive Appoints VP of SoC IP to Lead Innovative IP Ecosystem

Mohit Gupta will oversee the rapidly expanding DesignShare program


Linley GroupNov 12, 2018

SiFive Raises RISC-V Performance

Series 7 Comprises First Superscalar RISC-V CPUs

SiFiveOct 31, 2018

SiFive Core IP 7 Series Creates New Class of Embedded Intelligent Devices Powered by RISC-V

Newly unveiled features and continued RISC-V investment in domain-specific architectures enable innovations in 5G, networking, storage, artificial intelligence and sensor fusion


SiFiveOct 22, 2018

Berkeley SkyDeck Launches First Official ‘Chip Track’ for Startups to Help Bring Silicon Back to Silicon Valley

Berkeley SkyDeck Collaborates with TSMC, Cadence, and SiFive to Provide Expertise and Support for its New Accelerator Chip Track


SiFiveOct 2, 2018

SiFive Welcomes Former Tesla Executive to Lead Global Growth Strategy

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced the appointment of Keith Witek as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and General Counsel.


SiFiveSep 13, 2018

Wasiela Brings Encryption, FEC and Connectivity IP to DesignShare

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that Wasiela, a provider of innovative PHY-layer IP from the system and algorithmic levels all the way to implementation, has joined the DesignShare ecosystem. The availability of Wasiela encryption, forward error correction (FEC) and connectivity IP through the program will ease the development of reliable and secure high-throughput data communications for the RISC-V platform.


SiFiveAug 21, 2018

ASIC Design Services Adds Core Deep Learning IP to SiFive DesignShare Program

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that ASIC Design Services, a design house, IP provider, and a distributor for FPGA and EDA software, has joined the DesignShare ecosystem. Through this partnership, ASIC Design Services will provide its Core Deep Learning (CDL) technology that accelerates Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) on power-constrained embedded hardware platforms.


SiFiveAug 20, 2018

SiFive Announces First Open-Source RISC-V-Based SoC Platform with Nvidia Deep Learning Accelerator Technology

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced the first open-source RISC-V-based SoC platform for edge inference applications based on NVIDIA's Deep Learning Accelerator (NVDLA) technology.


SiFiveAug 14, 2018

OPENEDGES Joins SiFive’s DesignShare

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced a new member to its growing DesignShare economy: OPENEDGES, a provider of IPs for smart computing. The partnership makes available OPENEDGES’ ORBITTM Memory Controller IP to system developers via DesignShare, which enables customers incorporate world-class IP into their prototypes without having to pay for IP costs upfront.


SiFiveAug 7, 2018

Mobiveil Inc. and SiFive partner to develop RISC-V based configurable SSD Platform For Data Center and Enterprise storage Applications

Mobiveil, Inc. a provider of Serial Interconnect IP blocks and platforms targeting Flash Storage, IoT and Communication markets, has selected SiFive’s multicore E51 and U54 Core IPs to power Mobiveil’s new advanced configurable Gen4 PCIe-NVMe SSD platform offering a high performance and low power SSD solution for data center storage applications. SiFive’s heterogenous, coherent RISC-V core complex in a high-performance FPGA along with Mobiveil's Silicon Proven IP blocks (Gen4 PCIe, NVMe , LDPC, ONFI and Memory controller IP), provides data center customers a platform to develop their unique applications on RISC-V processors.


SiFiveAug 7, 2018

FADU Launches Industry Leading SSD Solutions Powered by SiFive RISC-V Core IP

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, and FADU, a fabless company developing solutions and systems for the memory and storage market, today announced the availability of FADU’s Annapurna SSD Controller and FADU Bravo Series Enterprise SSD, powered by SiFive’s industry leading 64-bit, E51 multicore RISC-V Core IP.


SiFiveAug 7, 2018

eSilicon Licenses Industry-Leading SiFive E2 Core IP for Next-Generation SerDes IP

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, and eSilicon, an independent provider of FinFET-class ASICs, market-specific IP platforms and advanced 2.5D packaging solutions, today announced that, after extensive review and testing of available options in the market, eSilicon has selected the SiFive E2 Core IP Series as the best solution for its next-generation SerDes IP at 7nm.


SiFiveJul 27, 2018

Chipus Brings Ultra-Low-Power IP to SiFive’s DesignShare Ecosystem

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today welcomed Chipus Microelectronics, a semiconductor company with proven expertise in the development of ultra-low-power (ULP), low-voltage, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, to the growing DesignShare ecosystem. Through the partnership, Chipus will provide ULP IP for power management and ULP RF Front-Ends.


SiFiveJul 10, 2018

Terminus Circuits Brings Complete ASIC Solutions to DesignShare

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that Terminus Circuits, a provider of interconnect solutions, has joined the expanding DesignShare economy. Through DesignShare, Terminus Circuits will offer complete ASIC solutions for products that are modular and scalable.


SiFiveJun 25, 2018

SiFive Unveils E2 Core IP Series for Smallest, Lowest Power RISC-V Designs

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced the availability of its E2 Core IP Series, configurable low-area, low-power microcontroller (MCU) cores designed for use in embedded devices. The E2 Series extends SiFive’s product line with two new standard cores, the E21, which provides mainstream performance for MCUs, sensor fusion, minion cores and smart IoT markets; and the E20, the most power-efficient SiFive standard core designed for microcontrollers, IoT, analog mixed signal and finite state machine applications. Additionally, the company announced enhancements to its existing standard E3 and E5 Core IP Series.


SiFiveMay 22, 2018

Brite Semiconductor Joins SiFive's DesignShare Program

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today welcomed Brite Semiconductor, an ASIC service company invested by SMIC, to the growing DesignShare ecosystem.


SiFiveMay 17, 2018

SiFive Inc. and Andes Technology Corporation Join Forces to Promote RISC-V

Andes Technology Corporation, the prominent CPU IP provider, and SiFive Inc., the leading provider of ASIC design service and RISC-V CPU Core IP, have announced they are joining forces to jointly promote RISC-V. The two companies will each contribute their unique expertise in CPU development and support to expand the ecosystem for the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) to enable a new era of processor innovation through open standard collaboration.


SiFiveMay 15, 2018

SiFive to Hold Inaugural Technical Symposium in Shanghai


SiFiveMay 8, 2018

SiFive Announces Investment from Intel Capital

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that Intel Capital participated in its recent Series C funding round. The investment was revealed at the Intel Capital Global Summit, at which SiFive CEO Naveed Sherwani pushed for the democratization of the semiconductor industry.


SiFiveMay 8, 2018

SiFive Challenge Calls for RISC-V Hardware Innovations

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today opened the call for partnership applications for the Democratizing Ideas partnership initiative, which aims to support new, innovative ideas from academia, research institutions, students and the open source community based on the company’s Freedom Unleashed or Freedom Everywhere platforms. Announced at the RISC-V Workshop in Barcelona, the initiative is designed to further the company’s mission to democratize access to custom silicon to anyone who wants it.


SiFiveMay 2, 2018

SiFive To Discuss Latest Technology Developments at RISC-V Workshop


SiFiveApr 12, 2018

Dover Microsystems Brings Secure Silicon IP to DesignShare

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that Dover Microsystems, a cybersecurity solutions provider, is the latest vendor to join the DesignShare ecosystem.


SiFiveApr 9, 2018

MEDIA ALERT: SiFive to Speak at Linley Processor Conference


Data Center KnowledgeApr 7, 2018

RISC-V Silicon Startup Raises $50.6 Million and Inks Western Digital Deal

This week saw another indication that open source hardware is ready to seriously vie for a slice of the enterprise IT pie. On Monday the major company behind the open source RISC-V processor, SiFive, reported it had raised $50.6 million in a Series C funding round, bringing total funding to $64.1 million.

Electronic DesignApr 5, 2018

SiFive Raises $50.6 Million to Recreate Chip Prototyping

The RISC-V architecture is making an impression. That was reflected Monday in the announcement of $50.6 million raised by SiFive, a semiconductor startup that has been leveraging the free and open source architecture to reduce the cost and manpower required for chip development.

SiFiveApr 2, 2018

SiFive Secures $50.6 Million Funding to Advance RISC-V Based Semiconductors

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced it raised $50.6 million in a Series C round led by existing investors Sutter Hill Ventures, Spark Capital and Osage University Partners alongside new investor Chengwei Capital, and strategic investors including Huami, SK Telecom and Western Digital and other companies that are among the most respected and iconic companies in the industry. This Series C round brings the total investment in SiFive to $64.1 million. Additionally, the company also announced it has signed a multi-year license to its Freedom Platform with Western Digital, which has pledged to produce 1 billion RISC-V cores.


VentureBeatApr 2, 2018

SiFive raises $50.6 million for licensable custom microprocessors

SiFive has raised $50.6 million in a third round of funding to further its ambition to create a new licensing model for the semiconductor industry. San Francisco-based SiFive wants to democratize access to custom silicon chip designs. The company’s founders invented RISC-V, a free and open instruction set architecture for modern microprocessors. SiFive is taking that architecture and making it easy to design the custom variants that companies need.

SiFiveMar 22, 2018

SiFive Brings in Mobiveil as Newest Partner in the DesignShare Economy

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced that Mobiveil, a provider of Serial Interconnect IP blocks and platforms targeted for Flash Storage, IoT and Communication markets, has joined the growing DesignShare economy.


SiFiveMar 8, 2018

Corigine adds certified USB IP to SiFive’s Growing DesignShare Economy to Accelerate Adoption of RISC-V

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced the addition of Corigine, a fabless semiconductor and IP company, to the DesignShare economy.


Sensors OnlineFeb 27, 2018

Moore’s Law is Dead: So, Let’s Talk About the Future of SoCs

By now, you’ve likely heard someone tell you: Moore’s Law is dead. To be sure, it is worthwhile to point out that the design aspect of Moore’s Law is – in most circumstances – very much alive. There are still techniques to be discovered to make the transistors smaller, for them to work faster, and to still put more of them in the same footprint. Rather, it is the economics behind Moore’s Law that has clearly reached its endpoint. Chips might continue to get smaller and faster. But if the economics mean that almost no one can afford to buy them, where exactly are we headed?

SiFiveFeb 26, 2018

MEDIA ALERT: SiFive to Host RISC-V Hackathon at Embedded Linux Conference


Design NewsFeb 15, 2018

First Open-Source RISC-V SoC for Linux Released

Only months after debuting the Freedom U540, the world's first Linux-compatible processor based on the open-source RISC-V chip architecture, RISC-V chipmaker SiFive has surprised the open-source community again by unveiling a full development board built around the ISA.

SiFiveFeb 14, 2018

SiFive Appoints CFO to Executive Team

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, continues to grow its executive staff with the appointment of Shiva Natarajan as chief financial officer. Natarajan joins SiFive with more than two decades of financial management, accounting and strategic planning experience in both public and private technology companies.


Data Center KnowledgeFeb 13, 2018

Is Open Source RISC-V Ready to Take on Intel, AMD, and ARM in the Data Center?

While software is eating the world, open source hardware might soon be eating the data center. Definitely not tomorrow or next month, and probably not even next year, but sooner than you think, there might be as much open source hardware as the old-fashioned proprietary kind running data centers. Need proof? Take a look at RISC-V, an open processor architecture.

SiFiveFeb 7, 2018

SiFive Launches World’s First Linux-Capable RISC-V Based SoC

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, launched the industry’s first Linux-capable RISC-V based processor SoC. The company demonstrated the first real-world use of the HiFive Unleashed board featuring the Freedom U540 SoC, based on its U54-MC Core IP, at the FOSDEM open source developer conference on Saturday.


Tech RepublicFeb 5, 2018

HiFive Unleashed: The first Linux-capable RISC-V single board computer is here

For low-power and embedded purposes RISC-V, an ISA developed principally by researchers at UC Berkeley with significant outside contributions, is gaining popularity. While early RISC-V devices have been intended for embedded applications and IoT devices, SiFive has released the first RISC-V SoC (Freedom U540) and SBC (Hi-Five Unleashed) which are powerful enough to run Linux distributions.

FOSDEM 2018Feb 3, 2018

Interview with Palmer Dabbelt: Igniting the Open Hardware Ecosystem with RISC-V. SiFive's Freedom U500 is the World's First Linux-capable Open Source SoC Platform

Palmer Dabbelt will give a talk about Igniting the Open Hardware Ecosystem with RISC-V. SiFive's Freedom U500 is the World's First Linux-capable Open Source SoC Platform at FOSDEM 2018.

SiFiveJan 30, 2018

Custom Silicon Veteran Joins SiFive Executive Team

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced Shafy Eltoukhy as vice president of operations. Eltoukhy, a veteran of Microsemi and Intel, will lead SiFive’s DesignShare activities and ensure the smooth rollout of new Core IP, SoCs and services.


SiFiveJan 22, 2018

SiFive Welcomes Former Intel Corporate VP to Executive Team

SiFive, the leading provider of commercial RISC-V processor IP, today announced the appointment of Sunil Shenoy as vice president of hardware engineering. The news follows SiFive’s momentous expansion last quarter with its strategic partnerships, launch of the first Linux-capable RISC-V core and growth of the DesignShare program.


EE JournalJan 16, 2018

The Bisquick Alternative

“Our vision is to enable two guys in a garage to build a custom chip.” Thus spake Jack Kang, Vice President of SiFive, the 40-person startup making RISC-V chips. SiFive isn’t just another company pulling the RISC-V bandwagon. They’re trying to change the way we create SoCs. The au courant open-source processor design is just a means to that end.

MicrosemiDec 6, 2017

SiFive Joins Microsemi's New Mi-V Ecosystem to Accelerate Adoption of RISC-V Open Instruction Set Architecture

Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, today announced SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, has joined Microsemi's new Mi-V™ RISC-V ecosystem, further building out the growing ecosystem and expanding the number of RISC-V designs users can consider. Microsemi will leverage its strategic relationship with SiFive and other ecosystem participants to increase adoption of RISC-V open instruction set architecture (ISA) central processing units (CPUs) and maximize their leadership positions with this expanding design technology.

SiFiveDec 5, 2017

Think Silicon Joins SiFive’s Growing DesignShare Ecosystem

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced that Think Silicon, a leader in developing ultra-low power graphics IP technology, has joined the growing DesignShare economy. Through DesignShare, Think Silicon will make its complementary NEMA®|GPU and NEMA®|dc IP available for SiFive’s Freedom SoCs Platform at reduced upfront investment from customers.


ForbesDec 5, 2017

Western Digital Gives A Billion Unit Boost To Open Source RISC-V CPU

Western Digital is known for its storage products. What many do not realize is that the company ships over 1 billion processor cores within its products each year and is moving toward 2 billion per year. At the workshop, Western Digital CTO Martin Fink announced that over the next few years those billion plus processors will be transitioned over to RISC-V.

SiFiveNov 28, 2017

SiFive Advances Custom Silicon Industry with New Partnerships, Products at 7th RISC-V Workshop

At the 7th RISC-V Workshop today, SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, announced a number of new partnerships and products that exemplify the company’s rapid growth over the past year. These announcements provide further proof of SiFive’s leadership in aligning with industry leaders to spur innovation in the plateauing semiconductor industry as well as the company’s ability to meet increased demand for open access to custom silicon. The adoption of SiFive’s RISC-V Core IP continues to grow, with more than 150 evaluation licenses in progress.


SiFiveNov 28, 2017

SiFive Joins FDXcelerator™ Program to Bring RISC-V Core IP to GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ 22FDX® Process Technology

SiFive announced today that it has joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ FDXcelerator™ Partner Program, and will be making RISC-V CPU IP including SiFive’s E31 and E51 RISC-V cores available on GF’s 22FDX® process technology. Based on the open source RISC-V ISA, the SiFive E31 offers embedded chip designers new capabilities in high performance within strict area and power requirements, and the SiFive E51 offers a full 64-bit performance at 32-bit price, power and area.


SiFiveNov 28, 2017

SiFive and Microsemi Expand Relationship with Strategic Roadmap Alignment and a Linux-Capable, RISC-V Development Board

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, and Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq: MSCC), a leading provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, at the 7th RISC-V Workshop today announced the companies have formed a strategic relationship to meet the growing interest and demand in the RISC-V instruction set architecture. The companies have previously collaborated to provide RISC-V soft CPU cores for Microsemi’s PolarFire® FPGAs, IGLOO™2 FPGAs, SmartFusion™2 system-on-chip (SoC) FPGAs and RTG4™ FPGAs, currently available as part of the Microsemi Mi-V RISC-V ecosystem.


SiFiveNov 14, 2017

Analog Bits to Provide Precision PLL and SERDES IP to DesignShare for SiFive Freedom Platform

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced that Analog Bits, the industry’s leading provider of low-power mixed-signal IP (Intellectual Property) solutions, has joined the growing DesignShare economy. Analog Bits will provide precision clocking macros such as PLLs and SERDES IP available for the SiFive Freedom platforms through the DesignShare initiative.


SiFiveNov 8, 2017

SiFive Named as Finalist for Two ACE Awards

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, has once again made the shortlist for two UBM Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards. Honored this year were the developers of the HiFive1 for "Design Team of the Year," and Jack Kang, SiFive vice president of product and business development as one of the finalists for "Executive of the Year."


SiFiveNov 7, 2017

SiFive and eMemory Bring Embedded Memory to the DesignShare Economy to Accelerate Development of RISC-V Silicon

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced the addition of eMemory, the IP provider of logic-based, non-volatile memory (Logic NVM), to the DesignShare economy. eMemory will make its embedded NVM silicon IP technology available for the SiFive RISC-V based Freedom platform as part of the DesignShare initiative.


SemiWikiNov 7, 2017

DesignShare is all About Enabling Design Wins!

One of the barriers to silicon success has always been design costs, especially if you are an emerging company or targeting an emerging market such as IoT. Today design start costs are dominated by IP which is paid at the start of the project and that is after costly IP evaluations and other IP verification and integration challenges. Given that, reducing design costs and enabling design starts has always been a major industry focus starting with the fabless semiconductor transformation that began 30 years ago, which brings us to the DesignShare announcement made by SiFive and Flex Logix last week.

SemiAccurateNov 1, 2017

FlexLogix joins SiFive’s DesignShare program

SiFive and FlexLogix have teamed up to offer embedded FPGAs in the DesignShare development program. This is the third IP vendor that SemiAccurate knows of to join that program and it is an interesting idea. SiFive’s DesignShare program is unique in it’s aim to lower the barriers of entry for companies interested in making silicon.

SiFiveOct 31, 2017

Flex Logix to Provide Embedded FPGA IP to 'DesignShare' for SiFive Freedom Platform

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, and Flex Logix™, a leader in embedded FPGA IP and software, today announced they will partner to make Flex Logix EFLX® embedded FPGA available for the SiFive Freedom Platform as part of the DesignShare program. The availability of Flex Logix IP through DesignShare eases time to market and removes traditional barriers to entry that have blocked smaller companies from developing custom silicon.


SiFiveOct 24, 2017

Lauterbach and SiFive Bring TRACE32 Support for High-Performance RISC-V Cores

Lauterbach, the leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, and SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced the availability of Lauterbach’s TRACE32 toolset to provide debug capabilities for SiFive’s E31 and E51 RISC-V Core IP, based on the free and open RISC-V ISA. Lauterbach support for SiFive cores is the latest addition to the growing ecosystem of industry-leading development tools to become available for RISC-V based silicon.


eeNews EuropeOct 9, 2017

SiFive launches Linux-ready RISC-V quad-core processor

The Coreplex U54-MC contains four U54 CPUs and a single E51 CPU and is the first Coreplex processor core to offer multicore support and support for cache coherence. The U54 cores support the RV64GC ISA with a five-stage, in-order pipeline ALU. The 64bit E51 CPU serves as a management core and is fully coherent with the U54 cores. The U54-MC Coreplex is ideal for applications which need full operating system support such as AI, machine learning, networking, gateways, and smart IoT devices.

Electronics WeeklyOct 9, 2017

64bit quad-core RISC-V for Linux

RISC-V is a free and open instruction set architecture [ISA] designed to enable chips across the full spectrum of computing devices, from embedded devices to the data centre,” said the firm. “The release of the U54-MC Coreplex marks the architecture’s expansion into the application processor space – opening entirely new use cases for RISC-V. It is ideal for applications which need full operating system support such as AI, machine learning, networking, gateways and smart IoT devices.

FossbytesOct 8, 2017

Linux Gets Its First Multi-Core, RISC-V Based Open Source Processor

Last year, Silicon Valley Startup SiFive released the first open source SoC (system on a chip), which was named Freeform Everywhere 310. Now, going one step ahead from the embedded systems, the company has released U54-MC Coreplex IP, which is the world’s first RISC-V based 64-bit quad-core CPU that supports fully featured operating systems like Linux.

FudzillaOct 8, 2017

2018 will be the year of the RISC V Linux processors

Linux fanboys tend to announce a lot of “year of” events. There is the year of the desktop which appears to be every year and still never happens and now there is the year of RISC V Linux processor. SiFive has declared that 2018 will be the year of RISC V Linux processor, so mark your penguin diaries accordingly. In the UK there will be all sorts of events planned, including guess the weight of Linus Torvalds competitions, there will be penguin tossing at Slough.

MentionOct 5, 2017

The Week In Review: Design

SiFive launched U54-MC Coreplex IP, a RISC-V based, 64-bit, quadcore real-time capable application processor with support for full featured operating systems such as Linux. The cores utilize a five-stage in-order pipeline, support the RV64GC ISA and cache coherence. It is targeted at AI, machine learning, networking, gateways and smart IoT devices.

Design NewsOct 5, 2017

Linux Now Has its First Open Source RISC-V Processor

When it released its first open-source system on a chip, the Freeform Everywhere 310, last year, Silicon Valley startup SiFive was aiming to push the RISC-V ("risk five") architecture to transform the hardware industry in the way that Linux transformed the software industry. Now the company has delivered further on that promise with the release of the U54-MC Coreplex , the first RISC-V-based chip that supports Linux, Unix, and FreeBSD.

SiFiveOct 4, 2017

SiFive Launches First RISC-V Based CPU Core with Linux Support

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced the availability of U54-MC Coreplex IP, the industry’s first RISC-V based, 64-bit, quadcore real-time capable application processor with support for full featured operating systems such as Linux. The free and open RISC-V architecture, which is supported by an ecosystem comprising more than 70 companies, has seen tremendous growth in the embedded segment. The release of the U54-MC Coreplex marks the architecture’s expansion into the application processor space – opening entirely new use cases for RISC-V.


LinuxGizmos.comOct 3, 2017

SiFive Unleashes the First Linux-Ready, 64-Bit RISC-V SoC

SiFive has taped out the first multi-core RISC-V based processor design, and the first to run Linux, featuring 4x 1.5GHz "U54" cores and a management core. SiFive announced "early access" availability of the 64-bit, quad-core U54-MC Coreplex – the first Linux-ready application processor built around the open source RISC-V architecture.

Electronic DesignOct 3, 2017

SiFive's RISC-V Goes Multicore

The RISC-V universe just got a little bigger with SiFive’s 1.5 GHz U54-MC Coreplex (Fig. 1). The four U54 cores implement RV64GC that includes support for hardware multiple and divide, atomic instructions, 16-bit compressed instructions, and single and double precision floating point support.

EE TimesOct 3, 2017

RISC-V Boots Linux at SiFive

SiFive has taped out and started licensing its U54-MC Coreplex, its first RISC-V IP designed to run Linux. The design lags the performance of a comparable ARM Cortex-A53 but shows progress creating a commercial market for the open-source instruction set architecture.

HackadayOct 3, 2017

SiFive Announces RISC-V SoC

At the Linley Processor Conference today, SiFive, the semiconductor company building chips around the Open RISC-V instruction set has announced the availability of a quadcore processor that runs Linux. We’ve seen RISC-V implementations before, and SiFive has already released silicon-based on the RISC-V ISA. These implementations are rather small, though, and this is the first implementation designed for more than simple embedded devices.

SiFiveSep 26, 2017

SiFive Joins TSMC IP Alliance Program

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced it has joined the TSMC (NYSE: TSM) IP Alliance Program, part of the TSMC Open Innovation Platform®, which accelerates innovation in the semiconductor design community. As an alliance member, SiFive’s RISC-V based Coreplex IP are made available to its customers to reduce time-to-market, increase return on investment and reduce waste in the manufacturing process.


SiFiveSep 19, 2017

SEGGER Adds Support for SiFive's Coreplex IP to Its Industry Leading J-Link Debug Probe

SEGGER Microcontroller, a leading supplier of software, hardware and development tools for embedded systems, and SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced the availability of SEGGER J-Link support for SiFive Coreplex IP, based on the RISC-V architecture. The growing interest in Coreplex IP is increasingly prompting vendors like SEGGER to make its industry leading tools available as part of the RISC-V ecosystem.


SiFiveSep 7, 2017

SiFive and UltraSoC partner to accelerate RISC-V development through DesignShare

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced that UltraSoC will provide debug and trace technology for the SiFive Freedom platform, based on the RISC-V open source processor specification as part of the DesignShare initiative. UltraSoC’s embedded analytics IP will be available through the recently announced SiFive DesignShare ecosystem that gives any company, inventor or maker the ability to harness the power of custom silicon. UltraSoC’s debug and trace functionality will enable users of the Freedom platform to access a wide variety of tools and interfaces to use in their developments.


SiFiveAug 21, 2017

SiFive and Rambus to Provide IP to the 'DesignShare' Economy

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced it will partner with Rambus, (NASDAQ: RMBS), a leader in digital security, semiconductor and IP products and services, to make Rambus cryptography technology available for the SiFive Freedom platforms. To speed time to market and remove the barriers that traditionally have blocked smaller players from developing custom silicon, leading companies in the semiconductor ecosystem have developed a new DesignShare concept, which offers IP at a reduced cost.


SiFiveAug 15, 2017

SiFive Appoints Naveed Sherwani as CEO

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced that industry veteran Naveed Sherwani has joined the company as CEO to lead it through its next phase of growth. Stefan Dyckerhoff, who had held the top spot at the company since its inception, will remain a member of the SiFive board of directors.


CPU Shack MuseumJun 4, 2017

SiFive FE310: Setting The RISC Free

It is out of this that SiFive began. SiFive was founded by the creators of the first commercially successful open RISC architecture, known as RISC-V. RISC-V was developed at Berkeley, fittingly, in 2010 and was designed to be a truly useful, general purpose RISC processor, easy to design with, easy to code for, and with enough features to be commercially useful, not limited to the classroom. It is called the RISC-V because it is the fifth RISC design developed at Berkeley, RISC I and RISC II being designed in 1981, followed by SOAR (Smalltalk On A RISC) in 1984 and SPUR (Symbolic Processing Using RISC) in 1988. RISC-V has already proved to be a success, it is licensed freely, and in a way (BSD license) that allows products that use it to be either open, or proprietary. One of the more well known users is Nvidia, which announced they are replacing their own proprietary FALCON processors (used in their GPUs and Tegra processors) with RISC-V. Samsung, Qualcomm, and others are already using RISC-V. These cores are often so deeply embedded that their existence goes without mention, but they are there, working in the background to make whatever tech needs to work, work.

SiFiveMay 19, 2017

SiFive Unveils the first RISC-V-based Arduino Board at Maker Faire Bay Area

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled RISC-V semiconductors, today announced the release of the Arduino Cinque, the first RISC-V-based development board for the popular open-source hardware platform. Today’s announcement marks the latest development in SiFive’s work to democratize access to custom silicon.


EEFocusMay 17, 2017


开源是当今最热门的话题之一,也是未来的趋势,就像1998年时任微软CEO的鲍尔默痛斥Linux是癌症,而如今的CEO 却称“Microsoft love Linux”,因为开源“以人为本”,然而开源的商业化是一条必行却又难行的路。 如今的处理器、SoC基本被x86与ARM 这样封闭的指令集架构(ISA)所统治。所以谁能成为微处理器中的 Linux ,成为业界探讨与期待的事情。而目前RISC-V成为最受关注的对象。 5月8日,第六届RISC-V技术研讨会在上海交通大学举行,这是RISC-V在华首度亮相。参会的国内外顶尖学者和企业人员超过200名,RISC-V发明者创建的SiFive公司分享了RISC-V指令集和其相关前景应用。

EEWorldMay 9, 2017


由免费开源RISC-V指令集架构发明者创建的企业SiFive于今日在上海参加RISC-V基金会主办,NVIDIA和上海交通大学联合承办的第六届RISC-V技术研讨会,首次在中国与到会的200余名国内外顶尖学者和企业共同分享RISC-V指令集和其相关前景应用。作为首家基于免费开源RISC-V指令集架构的定制半导体公司,SiFive还在研讨会上分享了公司的最新进展 – SiFive即将推出目前访问RISC-V内核最快捷也最简单的方式 – Coreplex IP产品。随着RISC-V生态系统的快速发展,SiFive Coreplex IP设计已成为RISC-V内核的实际领导者,拥有比任何其他RISC-V架构厂商更多的客户群、硅产品和开发板。另外,SiFive还提供了简易的“调研-评估-购买”(Study – Evaluate – Buy)的采购流程,帮助工程师们迅速获得实用的Coreplex IP RTL源代码。

SiFiveMay 8, 2017

SiFive Secures $8.5 Million Series B Funding to Advance RISC-V Based Semiconductors

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced it has raised $8.5 million in a Series B round led by Spark Capital with participation from Osage University Partners and existing investor Sutter Hill Ventures. This Series B round brings the total investment in SiFive to $13.5 million. The funding comes as SiFive experiences a growing demand for RISC-V IP and increased interest in custom silicon.


Electronic DesignMay 8, 2017

A Patient Disciple of RISC-V, SiFive Starts Selling Cores

Last year, SiFive went fishing for engineers willing to test out chips based on the RISC-V instruction set, releasing a basic core called Rocket that anyone could download and modify. But now the company, whose founders invented RISC-V, is using richer bait for more ambitious customers. Last week, SiFive started selling two embedded cores under the brand Coreplex, with applications ranging from wearables to servers. The company is aiming to lower the bar for engineers trained on Intel or ARM instruction sets to take RISC-V for a spin, when few companies appear to be turned off by the inflexibility or licensing fees of rival technology.

谁是目标 (via 百家号)May 8, 2017


在你购买一个PC或者服务器的时候,在做主芯片选择的时候,你会想到X86架构,或者至少时候ARM架构的芯片。 但是像软件里的LINUX一样,一个开源的架构项目准备打破这个由Intel、AMD和ARM主导的芯片市场,那就是Risc-V。 这个由加州大学伯克利分校研究院在2010年打造的芯片架构是免费向所有人开放的。而据介绍,开发者可以基于这个架构开发应用于PC、服务器、智能手机、可穿戴和其他设备的芯片。 初创企业SiFive是首个基于Risc-V架构开拓业务的公司,这个公司也是首个将Risc-V指令转为硅片的企业。日前,该公司宣布,他们已经开发出了两款芯片设计,并能够将其授权给客户。

SiliconAngleMay 7, 2017

SiFive raises $8.5M to build low-cost custom chips

SiFive Inc. wants to give businesses access to custom-designed silicon chips at an affordable price, and today the San Francisco-based semiconductor startup announced that ii has closed an $8.5 million Series B funding round. The round was led by Spark Capital, and it also included participation from Osage University Partners and existing investor Sutter Hill Ventures. SiFive’s Series B round brings the startup’s total investments to date to $13.5 million.

LinuxGizmosMay 7, 2017

Design your own RISC-V SoC with SiFive’s new “hassle-free” process

This week, SiFive announced a new “study-evaluate-buy” purchase process, that lets developers “get their hands on Coreplex IP RTL in a matter of minutes.” The immediately downloadable E31 Coreplex and E51 Coreplex IP RTL is described as “fully synthesizable and verified soft IP implementations that scale across multiple design nodes, making them ideal for your next SoC design.” On its Coreplex IP evaluation web page, SiFive describes the IP evaluation and purchase as being fast, NDA-free, and with a pricing model that is not based on royalties.

VentureBeatMay 7, 2017

SiFive raises $8.5 million for licensable custom microprocessors

SiFive is pioneering a new model in the semiconductor business and to do so has raised $8.5 million in a second round of funding, led by Spark Capital. San Francisco-based SiFive is on a mission to democratize access to custom silicon chip designs. The company’s founders invented RISC-V, a free and open instruction set architecture for modern microprocessors. It consists of all of the software instructions needed to program a microprocessor based on the RISC-V architecture. And SiFive is taking that architecture and making it easy to design the custom variants that companies need.

SiFiveMay 4, 2017

SiFive Launches CPU IP Industry into the Cloud with New RISC-V Cores and an Easy Online Business Model

SiFive, the company founded by the inventors of the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), today announced the immediate availability of its Coreplex IP, the fastest and easiest way to license RISC-V cores. With the rapid growth in the RISC-V ecosystem, SiFive Coreplex IP designs have become the de facto leader for RISC-V cores, with more public customers, silicon and development boards than any other RISC-V vendor. SiFive’s hassle-free “study-evaluate-buy” purchase process means that designers can get their hands on Coreplex IP RTL in a matter of minutes.


CIOMay 3, 2017

Open-source chip mimics Linux's path to take on closed x86, ARM CPUs

A startup called SiFive is the first to make a business out of the RISC-V architecture. The company is also the first to convert the RISC-V instruction set architecture into actual silicon. The company on Thursday announced it has created two new chip designs that can be licensed.

MakeMay 2, 2017

SiFive Is Bringing Open Source to the Chip Level

There has been an upswell of interest in custom, open hardware among makers, in which community-developed and shared designs abound. The availability of low-cost development boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi, together with open source software, has made it easier to get started with making innovative, new hardware designs.

HackadayApr 13, 2017

Open Source Chip Design Hack Chat Transcript

Come hang out for 30 or so minutes and talk to Jack Kang, VP of Product and Business Development at SiFive. Join this chat to learn about RISC-V, the free and open Instruction Set. Ask questions about what it means to have open-source chips, and how SiFive plans to help everybody—from the smallest company, inventor, and maker, get access to custom silicon.

SidenseMar 8, 2017

Customer Corner: SiFive's Freedom Everywhere 310 (FE310) SoC Alternative

SiFive is the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors. The RISC-V ISA has been central to our vision of enabling a whole new range of applications for everyone. In November 2016, we announced the availability of the Freedom Everywhere 310 (FE310) SoC, the industry's first commercially available chip based on RISC-V. Bringing the first commercially available SoC based on the RISC-V ISA is a huge milestone for the open-source hardware community.

CadenceJan 22, 2017

RISC-V "The thing that you learn and the thing that you use are the same"

The SiFive business model is that lots of people are locked out of silicon. SiFive can do custom design and deliver chips. "We believe we can do it cheaper, quicker and more predictably than anyone else.” They have also been getting lots of calls to help with designs. Growing the RISC-V ecosystem is a big opportunity. The traditional semiconductor business models take a lot of resources, so you have to pick the winners. But there aren't any $1B sockets anymore, so you can't easily pick the winners. The market is fragmented. SiFive wants to give everyone a chance. In a bit more detail, they will do a customer microcontroller platform and deliver 100 or so chips for under $100K.

Micro-Electronics (Taiwanese Publication)Jan 11, 2017

專訪SiFive產品暨業務開發總監剛至堅 開源處理器生態系統邁開大步


HackadayJan 4, 2017

Hands On With The First Open Source Microcontroller

2016 was a great year for Open Hardware. The Open Source Hardware Association released their certification program, and late in the year, a few silicon wizards met in Mountain View to show off the latest happenings in the RISC-V instruction set architecture. We’ve seen a lot of RISC-V stuff in recent months, from OnChip’s Open-V, and now the HiFive 1 from SiFive. The folks at SiFive offered to give me a look at the HiFive 1, so here it is, the first hands-on with the first Open Hardware microcontroller.

InfoWorldJan 4, 2017

SiFive rolls out fully open source chip for IoT devices

In an interview, Jack Kang, VP of Product and Business Development at SiFive, discusses the FE310 chip, which will allow IoT vendors to build their own custom SoC on top of it SiFive is a relatively new fabless chip manufacturing startup that is developing fully open source chips. Its new FE310 chip is its first chip (and apparently the first open source chip) targeted at IoT devices.

SemiEngineeringJan 3, 2017

SiFive: Low-Cost Custom Silicon

One of the lessons learned years ago in the open-source Linux world is that free software isn’t always good enough. Consequently, being able to add commercial value around freeware can turn into a lucrative business. Enter SiFive, a startup that has been building customized platforms based on the RISC-V CPU. Started by the creators of the RISC V instruction set architecture (ISA), the company’s stated goal is to shake up the economics of the chip industry.

Design NewsDec 15, 2016

SiFive Is Setting Silicon Free with Open-Source Chips

Moore's Law is dead...just not in the way everyone thinks. Technological advances keep allowing chips to scale, but the economics are another story – particularly for smaller companies that can't afford chips in the volumes that the big chipmakers would like from their customers. The solution, according to San Francisco-based startup, SiFive, is open-source hardware, specifically an architecture developed by the company's founders called RISC-V (pronounced “risk-five”). Done right SiFive, which was awarded Startup of the Year at the 2016 Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards, believes that RISC-V will do for the hardware industry what Linux has done for software.

Design NewsDec 7, 2016

UBM Announces 2016 ACE Award Winners

The best and brightest were on display last night as UBM announced the 2016 Annual Creativity in Electronics (ACE) Awards winners during a ceremony held in conjunction with ESC Silicon Valley and BIOMEDevice San Jose. The awards, presented in partnership with EETimes and EDN, showcase the best in today’s electronics industry, including the hottest new products, start-ups, design teams, executives, and more.

All About CircuitsDec 6, 2016

Open Source RISC-V Architecture Makes Strides Towards Customizable SoCs

The RISC-V footprint is expanding with the commercial availability of open-source chips and related development boards from silicon startups like SiFive and OnChip. The open-source hardware movement's journey from academia to the commercial realm is finally gaining some momentum. This is in large part thanks to free RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA), which was developed at the University of California, Berkeley a few years ago.

CadenceDec 5, 2016

RISC-V Available in Silicon

One of the announcements at the recent RISC-V workshop was by SiFive. This is the company started by the creators of the RISC-V instruction set architecture (Krste, Andrew, and Yunsup) to commercialize silicon implementations. Four months ago, at the previous RISC-V workshop, they announced FPGA implementations of the two flavors, Freedom Everywhere (16-bit microcontroller) and Freedom Unleashed (64-bit multi-core, high performance). They also announced that silicon would be coming "soon." Well, it is now "soon."

Electronic DesignDec 4, 2016

Will RISC-V Rescue the Internet of Things?

In a nutshell, RISC-V is an instruction set architecture (ISA) that scales from 16-bit to 128-bit register platforms. The E310 is targets the Cortex-M0 space, but it can run at 320 MHz while sipping power—making it an interesting solution for the Internet of Things (IoT). The chip is available on the HiFive1 board ... that has an Arduino form factor.

SiFiveNov 29, 2016

SiFive Launches Industry's First Open-Source RISC-V SoC

SiFive, the first fabless provider of customized, open-source-enabled semiconductors, today announced the availability of its Freedom Everywhere 310 (FE310) system on a chip (SoC), the industry’s first commercially available SoC based on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture, along with the corresponding low-cost HiFive1 software development board. As part of this availability, SiFive also has contributed the register-transfer level (RTL) code for FE310 to the open-source community, which the company revealed today at the 5th RISC-V Workshop in Mountain View, Calif.


VentureBeatNov 28, 2016

SiFive Launches Open Source RISC-V Custom Chip

SiFive wants to democratize the custom chip business, and so today it is launching the industry’s first open-source RISC-V system-on-chip processor. The Freedom Everywhere 310 SoC and HiFive1 development board will enable a wide variety of system architects, embedded designers, and Internet of Things providers — people who normally have to rely on chip engineers for the detailed engineering work — to create their own products.

HackadayNov 28, 2016

HiFive1: RISC-V In An Arduino Form Factor

The RISC-V ISA has seen an uptick in popularity as of late — almost as if there’s a conference going on right now — thanks to the fact that this instruction set is big-O Open. This openness allows anyone to build their own software and hardware. Of course, getting your hands on a RISC-V chip has until now, been a bit difficult. You could always go over to opencores, grab some VHDL, and run a RISC-V chip on an FPGA. Last week, OnChip released the RISC-V Open-V in real, tangible silicon.

EE TimesNov 28, 2016

Open Source SoC Debuts

Startup SiFive started selling today a $59 Arduino board running its first RISC-V-based SoC and made open source RTL code available online for the chip. The news marks a milestone for a still nascent open source hardware movement. Open source cores have been available previously but they tended to be academic efforts or lacked broad commercial support. The HiFive board is intended to drive demand for custom SoCs SiFive will design and comes with a growing pool of open source Linux variants and tools fed by an expanding foundation that maintains the RISC-V instruction set.

PR NewswireNov 15, 2016

Microsemi is First FPGA Provider to Offer Open Architecture RISC‑V IP Core and Comprehensive Software Solution for Embedded Designs

Microsemi's new RV32IM RISC-V core, developed in collaboration with SiFive, enables customers to design with an open instruction set architecture (ISA), enabling complete portability and a more secure processor architecture governed by a permissive BSD license. RISC-V is a new ISA which is now a standard open architecture under the governance of the RISC-V Foundation. RISC-V offers a compelling soft processor solution for Microsemi's low power, reliable, secure FPGAs.

SemiWikiOct 2, 2016

SiFive execs share ideas on their RISC-V strategy

Since its formation just last year, SiFive has been riding the RISC-V rocket from purely academic interest to first commercialization. In an exclusive discussion, I talked with CEO Stefan Dyckerhoff and VP of Product and Business Development Jack Kang about their progress so far and what may be coming next.

New ElectronicsSep 26, 2016

Back to the future for RISC

In their 2014 technical report for the University of California at Berkeley, Krste Asanovic and Professor David Patterson – who developed the concepts behind the SPARC architecture in the 1980s – argued that, while there are good commercial reasons for processor makers to maintain proprietary instruction sets, there is no good technical reason for users to adopt them. Their proposal was for an instruction set architecture (ISA) offered on a similar basis to open source software that could stimulate an ecosystem similar to that built around Linux. As their proposal represented the fifth generation of RISC processor design, it was called RISC-V.

Linux Pro MagazineSep 20, 2016

Creating the free-licensed semiconductor market

As many would-be open hardware manufacturers have discovered, free-licensed computer chips are nearly non-existent. However, SiFive, a recently announced startup in San Francisco, is hoping to change that with its custom chip designs. SiFive has its origins in the RISC-V instruction set architecture (ISA) developed in the Computer Science Division of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of California, Berkeley.

EE TimesSep 18, 2016

EE Times Silicon 60: 2016’s Emerging Companies to Watch

It has been a year since EE Times produced a version16.1 of the Silicon 60. Over that time while the global economic situation can — at best — be said to have stabilized the semiconductor and electronics industries are on the edge of "great expectations.” There seems no doubt that the Internet of Things will have a revolutionary impact on how people can live their lives, but exactly how that will manifest itself in terms of components, software, platforms, legal and business models, is not yet clear nor is the next big thing.

XilinxSep 7, 2016

Itching to Play With the Open-Source RISC-V Processor? Here Are Three Xilinx-Based Kits to Start With

RISC-V (pronounced “risk five”) is an open, 32/64-bit RISC microprocessor architecture first developed at the Computer Science Division of the EECS Department at the U. of California, Berkeley. Now it’s managed by the RISC-V Foundation. If you are an aficionado of processor architectures and you’re looking to get your feet wet with the RISC-V architecture, SiFive has released three Freedom FPGA Platforms based on Xilinx All Programmable devices that allow you to start working with the RISC-V ISA immediately.

CadenceSep 6, 2016

SiFive: A RISC-V Fabless Semiconductor Company

A couple of weeks ago I talked to Krste Asanović and Jack Kang of SiFive. One of their motivations is to bring the cost reduction that goes along with open-source software (and instruction sets!) to the hardware world. There is an increasing move in this direction as companies like Facebook, IBM, and Google put parts of their server infrastructure into the public domain. This is especially important in semiconductors since Moore's law has run into a wall, at least economically, even though we have a couple more process generations coming at us.

CadenceSep 1, 2016

RISC-V Gathering Momentum

A week or so ago I talked to Krste Asanović, who is the UC Berkeley professor who led the project to define RISC-V, chairman of the RISC-V foundation, and in July co-founded a fabless semiconductor company, SiFive, to produce silicon implementations (and IP). I'll talk about SiFive in Breakfast Bytes one day next week. RISC-V has taken off strongly in academic circles due to its unrestricted availability compared to other instruction sets, which are often not really ideal for academic work, and/or come with legal encumbrance.

Pinestream Consulting GroupAug 15, 2016

SiFive – Freedom Family of RISC-V ISA-Based SoC Platforms

SiFive recently unveiled its flagship Freedom family of SoC platforms. Built around the RISC-V ISA invented by the company’s founders at the University of California, Berkeley, the Freedom U500 and Freedom E300 platforms represent a new approach to designing and producing SoCs that redefines traditional silicon business models and reverses prohibitively rising licensing, design and implementation costs.

EE JournalAug 10, 2016

Custom Silicon for Makers

Makers are the epitome of what big chip vendors used to consider a waste of time for their valuable salesfolk. “Fred in the shed,” as they said. No volume, no ROI. “Stick with Tier 1s.”

Electronics LabAug 2, 2016

An Open-Source SoCs with RISC-V From SiFive

SiFive, a startup from San Francisco, is trying to democratize the access to the world of SoC designing and manufacturing by giving the ability of customizing silicon to the smallest company, inventor, or maker, and taking “the hard parts of building chips working with 3rd part IP, EDA tools and foundries. SiFive is a fabless semiconductor company building customizable SoCs. SiFive takes benefits from using RISC-V in their SoC design. Some of inventors of the open source ISA RISC-V are behind SiFive.

CIOAug 2, 2016

Why the Time Is Right for Open Source to Meet Hardware

SiFive is a San Francisco-based fabless chip manufacturing startup that is developing the first fully open source chips. The company, which launched earlier this month, announced two chips of their flagship platform: Freedom U500 and Freedom E300, each targeting different audience.

IOT-DEV.netJul 25, 2016

SiFive More News

As many of you may already know, SiFive is the first company that will make open source ISA Risc-V SoCs. What will be open and what not ? This was main question that people ask. In this video they answered that they will open as much as they can.PCI-E 3 controllers and some other 3-d party stuff will remain closed. They said time to develop some controllers and other 3d party tools and all to be open sourced will take ~ another 2 years of work.

Electronics ProductsJul 21, 2016

SiFive Introduces E300 & U500 Open-Source Chip Platforms

SiFive has introduced the Freedom family of open-source SoC-platform intellectual property based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture. The company offers the Freedom U500 and Freedom E300 processing platforms that are a new approach to designing and producing SoCs in that they are based on open-source and extensible architecture with no licensing fees.

Elektor MagazineJul 18, 2016

California Dreaming: DIY, Open-Source SoCs With RISC-V

With its customizable, open-source SoCs built on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture, SiFive, a San Francisco start-up, is poised to reverse the industry’s rising licensing, design and implementation costs. System designers can use the SiFive Freedom platforms to focus on their own differentiated processor without having the overhead of developing a modern SoC, fabric or software infrastructure.

ModernLife NetworkJul 18, 2016

SiFive, STEM and Apple Reality TV

SiFive, a new Silicon Valley startup, is teaming up with RISC-V Foundation and the infrastructure set to develop open source chip products. Two chips are in development – Freedom Unleashed (designed for machine learning, storage and networking) and Freedom Everywhere (designed for low-power devices in the “Internet of Things” market). SiFive is trying to drive down the cost of chip manufacturing, open the industry up to designers and engineers, and squeeze into an industry that has several barriers of entry.

AnandTechJul 17, 2016

SiFive Unveils Freedom Platforms for RISC-V-Based Semi-Custom Chips

SiFive, a company established by researchers who invented the RISC-V instruction set architecture in the University of California Berkeley several years ago, has this week announced two platforms which could be used to design semi-custom SoCs based on RISC-V cores.

Linux InsiderJul 12, 2016

SiFive Launches Freedom FOSS SoC Platforms

SiFive on Monday announced its flagship Freedom family of system on a chip platforms. The platforms are based on the free and open source RISC-V instruction set architecture that several of the company's founders created at the University of California at Berkeley. SiFive's Freedom U500 and E300 platforms take a new approach to SoCs, redefining traditional silicon business models and reversing the industry's increasingly high licensing, design and implementation costs.

HPCwireJul 12, 2016

RISC-V Startup Aims to Democratize Silicon

Momentum for open source hardware made a significant step this week with the launch of startup SiFive and its open source chip platforms based on the RISC-V instruction set architecture. The founders of the fabless semiconductor company — Krste Asanovic, Andrew Waterman, and Yunsup Lee — invented the free and open RISC-V ISA at the University of California, Berkeley, six years ago.

SiFiveJul 11, 2016

SiFive Introduces Industry’s First Open-Source Chip Platforms

SiFive, the first fabless semiconductor company to build customized, open-source enabled semiconductors, today announced its flagship Freedom family of system on a chip (SoC) platforms. Built around the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture invented by the company’s founders at the University of California, Berkeley, SiFive’s Freedom U500 and Freedom E300 platforms represent a fundamentally new approach to designing and producing SoCs that redefines traditional silicon business models and reverses the industry’s prohibitively rising licensing, design and implementation costs.


RambusJul 11, 2016

SiFive Eyes Silicon Reset With RISC-V

A San Francisco-based startup known as SiFive has announced plans to develop and sell chips based on open-source RISC-V architecture. According to Don Clark of the Wall Street Journal, the tech includes a set of instructions that define the functions of a microprocessor, which can serve as a starting point for designing a chip.

Product Design and DevelopmentJul 11, 2016

Startup Releases Open Source System-on-Chip

Fabless semiconductor company SiFive has announced a new system on a chip platform that takes the SoC platform into the realm of open-source. The RISC-V instruction set architecture was originally developed by SiFive’s founders at the University of California, Berkeley, and has now been packaged into the Freedom U500 and Freedom E300 platforms.

Linux MagazineJul 11, 2016

SiFive Launches a Line of Open Source Chips

A San Francisco-based company known as SiFive is trying to bring the open source development model to the chip industry. The company has announced its first Freedom family of system-on-a-chip (SoC) products, including the Freedom U500 and Freedom E300 platforms. SiFive is a fabless semiconductor company, similar to AMD. The company doesn’t fabricate the chip but outsources it to manufacturers.

Journal Dunet (French Publication)Jul 11, 2016

L'Américain SiFive se lance dans la conception de puces open source

Un groupe de chercheurs de l'Université de Californie lançait en avril dernier une fondation visant à porter un projet d'architecture de processeur open source (le projet RISC-V). Ces chercheurs passent maintenant à la vitesse supérieure : ils lancent une entreprise, baptisée SiFive, visant à commercialiser leur technologie. SiFive doit développer des puces reposant sur l'architecture open source RISC-V.

IOT-DEV.netJul 11, 2016

SiFive Comes with World First U500 and U300 Open Source RISC-V SoCs

SiFive will publish specifications for an SoC based high-performance Unix-capable cache-coherent 64-bit multiprocessor U500 and one using a microcontroller core E300 both based on work of the RISC-V Foundation. The U500 platform is the first member of SiFive's Freedom Unleashed family of customizable RISC-VSoCs. Freedom Un-leashed family reduces NRE and time-to-market for customized SoCs in diverse markets such as machine learning, storage and networking.

HackerBoardsJul 11, 2016

First SoCs Based on Open Source RISC-V Run Linux

SiFive unveiled the first embedded SoCs based on the open source RISC-V platform: A Linux-ready octa-core Freedom U500 and a FreeRTOS-based Freedom E300. A VC-backed startup closely associated with the RISC-V project announced the first system-on-chip implementations of the open source RISC-V processor platform.

Electronics WeeklyJul 11, 2016

SiFive brings open-source SoCs

It has developed customizable, open-source SoCs built on the free and open RISC-V instruction set architecture. “The semiconductor industry is at an important crossroads. Moore’s Law has ended, and the traditional economic model of chip building no longer works,” said Yunsup Lee, co-founder of SiFive and one of the original creators of RISC-V at UC Berkeley.

CNXSoftJul 11, 2016

SiFive Introduces Freedom U500 and E500 Open Source RISC-V SoCs

SiFive, a startup founded by the creators of the free and open RISC-V architecture, has announced two open source SoCs with Freedom U500 processor and Freedom E300 micro-controller. Three real-time operating systems, including FreeRTOS, have already been ported to Freedom E300 for embedded micro-controllers, IoT, and wearable markets. CNXSoft

The Next PlatformJul 10, 2016

Startup Takes a Risk on RISC-V Custom Silicon

As we are carefully watching here, there is a perfect storm brewing in the semiconductor space, both for manufacturers and system designers.

SemiAccurateJul 10, 2016

SiFive Opens Up Silicon Access With Freedom E300 and U500

SiFive is unveiling two open source RISC-V based platforms today called the Freedom U500 and E300 Series. SemiAccurate thinks what SiFive is doing has a good chance of changing how the silicon market works.

EE TimesJul 10, 2016

Startup Debuts Open Source SoCs

A startup aims to help a broader set of engineers roll their own silicon using its customizable open-source systems-on-chips. SiFive will publish specifications for an SoC based on an embedded Linux processor core and one using a microcontroller core both based on work of the RISC-V Foundation.

eWEEKJul 10, 2016

Startup SiFive Aims for Open-Source Chips

The open-source RISC-V chip architecture was created to help developers more easily and cheaply customize processors that run their devices, and last year an industry consortium was formed around the technology. Now the inventors of RISC-V want to see if they can build a business based on the architecture.

SemiWikiJul 10, 2016

RISC-V opens for business with SiFive Freedom

When we talk about open source, free usually comes in the context of “freedom”, not as in “free beer”, and open IP often serves as a base layer of value add for commercialization. The creators of the RISC-V instruction set, now working at startup SiFive, have released specifications for their aptly-named Freedom processor IP cores looking for "enablement of great ideas".

ForbesJul 10, 2016

This New Chip Startup Wants To Bring Open Source To A Stagnant Industry

Open source has taken off in the software world. RISC-V maybe has the opportunity to bring open source to the rigid chip industry. Born out of university research, RISC-V is a chip architecture that lets developers freely change and customize chip designs without having to pay for expensive licenses or royalty fees.

Wall Street JournalJul 10, 2016

Backers of Open Source Chips Launch Startup

A group of university researchers recently attracted attention by applying principles of open-source software to computer chips. Now they’re turning the concept into a company. A San Francisco-based startup called SiFive on Monday is announcing plans to develop and sell chips based on a technology called RISC-V. The tech includes a set of instructions that define the functions of a microprocessor, which can serve as a starting point for designing a chip.

SemiEngineeringJun 29, 2016

Will Open-Source Work For Chips?

Open source is getting a second look by the semiconductor industry, driven by the high cost of design at complex nodes along with fragmentation in end markets, which increasingly means that one size or approach no longer fits all.

Cadence BlogsJun 16, 2016

RISC-V—Instruction Sets Want to Be Free

I had never heard of RISC-V (pronounced five, not vee) until earlier this year when there was a presentation about it at EDPS in Monterey. I immediately texted the daughter of a friend of mine who is a CS major at Berkeley where it originated and she gave me a bit more background.

SemiEngineeringJun 6, 2016

Alternative To X86, Arm Architectures?

Software developed by professors and graduate students from the University of California at Berkeley? That will never fly in the semiconductor industry, right?

Next PlatformMay 15, 2016

Can Open Source Hardware Crack Semiconductor Industry Economics?

The running joke is that when a headline begs a question, the answer is, quite simply, “No.” However, when the question is multi-layered, wrought with dependencies that stretch across an entire supply chain, user bases, and device range, and across companies in the throes of their own economic and production uncertainties, a much more nuanced answer is required.

Linley GroupMar 31, 2016

RISC-V Offers Simple, Modular ISA

RISC-V is a new general-purpose instruction-set architecture (ISA) that’s BSD licensed, extensible, and royalty free. It’s clean and modular with a 32-, 64-, or 128-bit integer base and various optional extensions (e.g., floating point). RISC-V is easier to implement than some alternatives—minimal RISC-V cores are roughly half the size of equivalent ARM cores—and the ISA has already gathered some support from the semiconductor industry.

Next PlatformMar 7, 2016

RISC-V Inching Closer to Reality at Scale

Back in the early 1990s, the common view was that there was little money to be made in the business of open source. As the wave of Linux distributions rolled forth, however, that was quickly disproven, setting the decades-long chain of companies that have secured their footing, funding, and futures on the back of open software.

Global Semiconductor AllianceMar 2, 2016

Charting a New Course for Semiconductors


EE TimesAug 6, 2014

RISC-V: An Open Standard for SoCs

Just as Linux has become the standard OS for most computing devices, Berkeley researchers envision RISC-V becoming the standard ISA for all computing...