SiFive - March 22, 2023

Unleashing the Potential of RISC-V: A Recap of the SiFive Tech Forum

As the inventors of RISC-V and performance density leaders, SiFive is committed to spreading the word about how this groundbreaking open architecture is reshaping the computing industry and ushering in new possibilities. Last week, we hosted the SiFive Tech Forum in Hsinchu, the technology heart of Taiwan, to bring together hardware engineers, developers, and other technology leaders to talk about the incredible momentum of RISC-V to-date and how SiFive is leading the RISC-V revolution. The event was well over subscribed, which highlighted the eagerness with which the attendees were keen to learn about the latest SiFive solutions. Read on to find out more about what we covered during the SiFive Tech Forum. And you can view the presentations here

Taiwan event

Jack Kang, SVP, Business Development, Customer Experience, and Corporate Marketing kicked things off by talking about the RISC-V Revolution and emphasizing how RISC-V is inevitable and has no limits, and highlighted SiFive leadership in driving RISC-V into every technology market. There are billions of RISC-V cores in the market and the demand for the flexibility and freedom that RISC-V enables is growing stronger every day. SiFive’s RISC-V portfolio has already been adopted for a wide variety of markets – from aerospace to automotive to consumer devices, and the datacenter – and we’re rapidly expanding our global footprint as we work with the biggest and best technology companies across APAC, Europe, North America, and beyond.

A packed house

Our team then dove into the impressive compute performance and efficiency of SiFive’s new P600 and P400 series of RISC-V processors, which are perfectly tuned to offer the best power and performance efficiency and compute density for next generation wearables, the smart home, industrial automation, and other consumer devices.

Another area we addressed is how SiFive is accelerating AI/ML innovation with our SiFive Intelligence solution. SiFive Intelligence is a high-performance AI dataflow processor with scalable vector compute resources to meet the complex processing and data management requirements of AI/ML applications, from extremely low power to high-performance compute.

Of course, we also had to talk about automotive, a huge growth opportunity for SiFive and RISC-V. As the automotive market transitions to zonal architectures, manufacturers see significant benefits in the energy efficiency, simplicity, security, and software flexibility that RISC-V offers all within a single Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). SiFive offers the broadest range of high-end automotive applications and real-time automotive processors, offering industry-leading performance, with the lowest area and power consumption, and tailored to vehicle specific needs for safety, security, and performance.

To finish off the day, we shared an update on the latest RISC-V tools, software, and development boards. We’re especially excited about the upcoming HiFive Pro P550 Development System (previously code-named Horse Creek) that we’re unveiling in partnership with Intel this summer. This high performance platform features a quad-core SiFive Performance™ P550 processor and is implemented in the Intel 4 technology platform. We also showcased how the RISC-V partner ecosystem is delivering the comprehensive range of solutions including compiler tool chains, integrated open application environments, advanced debug and trace solutions, application protocol middleware, real-time operating systems, and FPGA kits to meet the needs of the market now and in the future.

We’d like to thank everyone who attended the SiFive Tech Forum, and our team’s hard work in making it a success!