SiFive - October 15, 2020

The SiFive 20G1 Update for 7-Series Core IP

Faster, More Efficient SiFive 7-Series Core IP

Today, we’re announcing the SiFive 20G1 6.0 update, which is focused on improving the 7-Series line of products. Our previous release, SiFive 20G1, was a comprehensive update that spanned from the 7-Series to the 2-Series, including U-, S-, and E-Cores. Similarly, the 20G1 6.0 update improves the performance, features, and functionality of SiFive 7-Series U-, S-, and E-Cores.

Ever since the 7-Series introduction in 2018, SiFive has been able to bring advanced compute capabilities to embedded, industrial, and storage markets. These markets require high-performance compute in constrained thermal environments while being able to maintain real-time service guarantees. In addition, they also require access to stable software stacks providing functionality for Human Machine Interface (HMI), real-time control, and rich connectivity.

The SiFive 7-Series RISC-V processor cores can address all of these requirements. The 7-Series offers high-performance, multi-core compute, while still being extremely energy efficient. The 7-Series has many capabilities which make it suitable for real-time applications, and these real-time features apply across the 7-Series range: both the E7 and S7 Embedded cores as well as the U7 Application Cores. The 7-Series can scale to heterogeneous multi-core compute architectures via SiFive Mix+Match capabilities, allowing for a coherent mix of SiFive U- and S- cores in the same core complex complete with SiFive Insight Advanced Trace and Debug, SiFive Shield security, single 64-bit memory map, and interrupt controllers. These are all pre-integrated and verified in a single IP deliverable to save you time and engineering resources. And most importantly, the SiFive 7-Series is built on the open-source RISC-V ISA, bringing compatibility with the industry's fastest growing ecosystem.

The 20G1 6.0 update builds on the improvements in the 20G1 release to enhance the capabilities of the 7-Series by further increasing performance and efficiency and adding features. Join Dany Nativel and me as we host a webinar showcasing these new improvements. We’ll also feature guest speaker, Jeff Hancock, a product manager at Mentor Graphics, who’ll talk about the latest Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) offering from Mentor, Nucleus 4, which brings support for SiFive and RISC-V. He’ll also cover the importance of deterministic software and hardware for mission-critical markets.

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