SiFive - September 12, 2017

The DesignShare Ecosystem Grows with the Addition of UltraSoC’s Embedded Analytics IP

It’s been a busy summer for us. Our days have been filled with many prospect, customer and partner meetings with teams looking to leverage RISC-V in their roadmap. Last week, we announced the outcome of one of those meetings: UltraSoC, a provider of on-chip monitoring and analytics IP, is the latest company to join the DesignShare movement.

If you missed our previous blog post, 'Our New Partnership with Rambus and the DesignShare Economy,' Designshare is a concept that enables an entirely new range of applications. Companies like SiFive, UltraSoC and Rambus have developed efficient, pre-integrated solutions that lower the upfront engineering expense required to bring custom silicon based on the SiFive Freedom platform to realization. We aim to do for open source hardware what the foundry model did to enable a new class of fabless semiconductor companies.

Through its participation in the DesignShare ecosystem, UltraSoC will provide IP that simplifies the development of SoCs and delivers embedded analytics features that enable chip makers to dramatically reduce development costs. Like SiFive, UltraSoC has been at the forefront of development of the RISC-V specification, especially in the area of processor trace functionality, which is a fundamental requirement for developers working with any processor architecture.

We’re excited to see the DesignShare ecosystem grow, and will have more exciting news to share with the community in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Learn more about SiFive and UltraSoC’s partnership.