SiFive - November 17, 2021

RISC-V is Inevitable

In just a few short years, RISC-V has become a category of utmost importance in tech; but, things are just getting started.

In 2014, the inventors of RISC-V (and founders of SiFive) published a very “modest” goal: for RISC-V to become the standard ISA for all computing devices. Ambitious at the time, but now we can confidently state that RISC-V has made its impact in our industry and is here to stay. RISC-V has become hugely important – strategic to companies and governments alike – and has already made its way into billions of chips and thousands of companies.

And… we’re just getting started.

This week, you may have noticed SiFive unveiled a new look on our website and a clear focus on high performance as we continue to drive RISC-V forward and define the future of compute. RISC-V is inevitable, and we are accelerating that timeline.

To our internal teams, this energy, aggressiveness, and decisive roadmap is nothing new. We’ve been building successful products for years, and now we’re growing faster than ever. Our resolve has never been stronger: to build the best-in-class processor IP that will be at the heart of future computing platforms — from artificial intelligence, machine learning, automotive, data center, mobile, to consumer markets. As we rapidly accelerate our performance capabilities, RISC-V truly will have no limits.

I’ve never been prouder of SiFive’s talented, passionate, and forward-thinking engineering and product teams. We’ve built a world-class portfolio of processor IP with over 300 design wins at more than 100 different customers around the world, including 8 of the top 10 semiconductor companies.

To our customers: thank you for being part of our journey and shared vision of the future. We’re honored by your trust and partnership, and we hope we’ve delivered an incredible customer experience along the way; but, buckle up, because we’re about to turn the corner and take RISC-V to new heights of performance and capabilities.

We’ll share more about our future plans at the upcoming RISC-V Summit on Dec 6-8, including details on our next-generation processor architecture that will be our fastest processor ever. We’re also hiring—across all positions and all career levels to accelerate our journey. If you’d like to work alongside the creators of RISC-V, collaborate with top industry partners, and help create the future of RISC-V, we invite you to join us.

The future of RISC-V has no limits. And I, for one, couldn’t be more excited!