SiFive - October 11, 2017

A Core By Any Other Name...

With all apologies to Shakespeare, would a core by any other name still hit the sweet spot in the market for those looking for cost-effective custom silicon?

Based on feedback from some friendly chaps in the industry, today we are announcing a new naming scheme for our products. We’ve updated our product names to reflect that we build and provide IP for RISC-V cores--and not any other ISA. To ease the transition, we’ve kept part numbers – like the U54-MC unveiled last week at the Linley Processor Conference – the same. Nothing else changes – not their availability, not their performance and especially not the ease with which customers can license our IP and work with SiFive. Instant evaluations, simple contracts, and fair, no royalty pricing are all still available directly on our website.

What matters is what something is, not what it’s called. And what lies at our core (pun completely intended) is RISC-V. Questions? Feel free to pop over to our Forums or email