December 06, 2021

SiFive Expands and Improves Industry-Leading RISC-V Processor Portfolio

The SiFive 21G3 Release introduces the new SiFive Essential 6-Series range of RISC-V processors for area-focused computing applications

SAN MATEO, Calif., December 2, 2021SiFive, Inc., the founder and leader of RISC-V computing, today announced the availability of the SiFive 21G3 release, a comprehensive suite of product updates for the industry’s broadest and most successful RISC-V processor IP portfolio, and introduced the new SiFive Essential™ 6-Series range of RISC-V processor IP to address market demands for mid-range application capable and real-time processors. With the new SiFive Essential 6-Series, SiFive stretches further its leadership position in delivering the broadest portfolio of RISC-V processors to the market. The SiFive product portfolio scales from performance-leading state-of-the-art processors down to the most power-sensitive deeply embedded microcontrollers.

The new product line includes SiFive Essential U6, S6, and E6 processors to offer 64-bit Linux-capable, 64-bit real-time, and 32-bit real-time processors, respectively. SiFive Essential 6-Series processors leverage the widely-used and silicon-proven nature of the SiFive Essential™ 7-Series architecture and feature pre-configured product specifications that may be tuned towards applications such as general-purpose embedded, industrial, IoT, high-performance real-time embedded, and automotive applications.

Across the entire SiFive portfolio, the SiFive 21G3 Release introduces improved clock gating and power management, and adds SiFive Shield™ WorldGuard support to the Essential family. Additionally, SiFive Intelligence Extensions, as utilized by the SiFive Intelligence™ X280, now supports BFLOAT16 compute, quantization acceleration, and features improved multi-cluster support, to deliver significant performance improvements across a wide range of machine learning workloads. The SiFive Performance™ family now features the RISC-V Hypervisor extension.

“The SiFive 21G3 release demonstrates SiFive’s commitment to relentless innovation and continuous improvement,” said Chris Jones, Vice President of Products, SiFive. “The new SiFive Essential 6-Series focuses our offerings for mid-range performance, and enacts our vision for comprehensive processor solutions across all application domains. The SiFive Essential 6-Series, along with significant performance and feature enhancements to the Intelligence and Performance Series of products, solidifies SiFive’s standing as the leader in RISC-V.”

“SiFive’s introduction of its 6-Series processor cores expands the company’s 'Essential' family of processor cores and creates an even more comprehensive offering of application-tuned, 64- and 32-bit RISC-V processor cores, starting with high-end, multi-core application processors and extending all the way down to individual, low-power, embedded microcontrollers, which can all be customized to cover an even broader design spectrum.” – Steve Leibson, Principal Analyst, TIRIAS Research

Drew Barbier, Senior Director of Product Marketing, will discuss more details of the SiFive Essential 6-Series and SiFive 21G3 release in a presentation at the RISC-V Summit 2021, held December 6-8 in-person at the Moscone Center, and online.

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